Welcome to Software Developer Blog

Hey! Welcome to Software Developer Blog, it’s great to have your attention :)

I’m Tometchy and I’m about to share with you some coder thoughts.

Mainly code and frameworks focused solutions, but also general work environment tips and tricks, including version control, IDE, operating system and continuous integration/delivery. From time to time I plan to write about higher level solutions, like planning or design methodologies (for example Scrum or Event Storming).

My primary language is C# so it will probably dominate, but definitely won’t be lonely here. Some frontend and scripting languages will be here as well.

Despite I grew up with Windows and started professional collaborating with SVN, for the last few years I’m excited with Linux and Git, and great possibilities they offer. Therefore, expect focus on the latter, rather than the former.

Details about site structure are described in about section.

I hope you will have valuable time, and won’t hesitate to come back again :)



Passionate focused on agile software development and decentralized systems

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