Disable ctrl+shift shortcut in Windows 10 to stop language switch keyboard layout hot key

Every Windows user knows that typing CTRL + SHIFT changes keyboard layout and that typing it by mistake is easy, which can be really annoying. Luckily this can be changed.

Removing CTRL + SHIFT shortcut hot key in old Windows version

We used to change this behaviour in following location:
Control Panel » All Control Panel items » Language » Advanced settings » Change language bar hot keys » Advanced Key Settings » Between input languages » Change Key Sequence…

Windows 10 solution which didn’t work in my case

With new Windows 10 installation (which happened to me) I tried to disable this language hot keys, but the way which I found on the internet didn’t work in my case (configuration in given location didn’t exist).
There is a chance that it will work for you, so just in case I’ll write it here: Control Panel\Clock, Language and Region\Language\Advanced settings\Change Language Bar hot keys.

Change language hot keys to switch keyboard layout in Windows 10

After spending a while doing manual searching in all Windows configuration places, I’ve finally found it. I’ve disabled CTRL + SHIFT shortcut here:
Advanced keyboard settings (you can find it with Start search or with Windows Settings search), choose Input language hot keys, next Advanced Key Settings, then Between input languages and set Not Assigned, or replace with other keys combination.
Like in following screenshot: Screenshot with Windows keyboard setting, showing where to find switch keyboard layout shortcut


If you don’t need to switch keyboard layout often, you can easily disable this hot key. Those who do need to change language keyboard layout on a daily basis (working with multiple languages at the same time) may leave this untouched or change shortcut to version which is less likely to type by mistake.

If your version of Windows have this setting in yet other location, please share it with others in comment :)



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